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In the first few months, the apprentice's social life revolved around his mates in the billet, classroom or workshop. Their common bond was ignorance of radio principles and a hatred of those senior personnel who were making their lives difficult. There were occasional trips to the NAAFI, only to be jeered and derided by the senior entries. As time went by, the lads were allowed off camp in uniform (after strict inspection) only to be jeered and derided by the general public outside. But this was all part of the toughening up process and within a year most apprentices had developed a quiet self confidence. Many of the lads were soon absorbed into the local community and established their own drinking and socialising venues in Weston Super Mare and the surrounding area. During the second year, the dress code was relaxed to allow the wearing of Mufti. Many lads were now courting and some had even got married. In the final year, lounge suits were allowed and several apprentices had cars, so they were able to travel farther afield to exotic places like Great Yarmouth and Bristol. Even in the age of Mods and Rockers, there was not too much trouble, but when there was everyone mucked in. A selection of photos appears on this page. To see all photos in this category, click the icon to see a slide show...

Beach Coffee Club membership card
Dai Rees going on leave
Rules for the Beach Coffee Club
Rules for Apprentice Civilian Dress
RAF apprentice leave pass 1963
RAF apprentice Rates of Pay 1963
Dai Rees, Barbara and Roger Leah
Tony Lindon, Alan Terzza, Paul Foch-Gatrell, Woody Woodward and Jack Hawkins in the NAAFI
Dai Rees going on leave
Al Reed, Monty Montague, Royd Harris, Alic Prior, Alan Terzza, Chubby Smith, Acker Atkinson, Mick Povey, Ray Coles, Pauline Harvey, Greg Codling, Dave Hollingdale, Geoff Ellis, Al Shepherd, Taff Rees, Gordon Rolls, Stanley Arthur ('Snowy') White, Ron Regan, Tony Lindon, George Wilson and Pete Wallace in the Queens
Mick Glover with Gwen and Ian Quarrie with Lin Jenkins
Lin Jenkins, Gwen and Margaret on donkeys at Weston
Wendy Ashman 1963/64
Wendy Ashman
Jim White, Pete Wallace and girls
Rocky Grant, Jan Heathcote, Laurie Dunlop, Tom Gerken and Chuck Shenton
Pete Wallace and girls
Alan Terzza, Pete Owen, Frank Hickson, Ron Regan, Royd Harris, John England, Mark Davy, Paddy Waldron, Ernie Hoskins, Howard Walker, Paddy Loder, Dave Morris, Dave Hollingdale, Joe Linehan, Jock Wilson, Paul Foch-Gatrell, Pete Wallace, Ian Quarrie, Monty Montague
Monty Montague, Jim White, Paul Foch-Gatrell, Spike Kent, Tony Lindon, Royd Harris and Mike Chard in mufti
Ken Burnett's first car
Jim White, Jill Regan, Colin Hogg and Ian Quarrie
Colin Hogg, Lin Jenkins, Spike Kent and Pete Wallace
Colin Hogg, Pauline May, Jack Hawkins and Janet Hobbs
Norman Butcher and Joe Linehan
Gwen and other local girls
Annette and Geoff Ellis
Monty Montague, Jim White, Geordie Atkinson, Pete Wallace, Tony Lindon, Royd Harris and Mike Chard in mufti
Mick Herbert and Dave (Dunky) Dunthorn at the seaside
Geoff Walton's MGA
Chuck Shenton, Jan Heathcote and Monty Montague
Gordon Rolls, Rocky Grant, Chuck Shenton, Pete Dobing and Ron Regan on coach trip
Jim White, Ian Quarrie, Woody Woodward
Jim White and Lin Jenkins
Snowy White, John Sefton and Ken Weston; WSM early 1962
Dave Dunthorn's
first car

Joe Linehan, Jim White, Lin Jenkins and WRAF Sandy
Grand Atlantic Hotel 100th Entry dance
Party at The Cardiff
Weston Open Air Pool
Ken Burnett's first car
Crashed car outside the Beach Club
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