100th Entry members meet up from time to time       
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...but, every so often, there is a major reunion. After passing out from RAF Locking in December 1964, there were about three major reunions in the 20 years that followed: 1965, 19?? and 1983. Then nothing for more than 20 years, until...
7th October 2006
Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Ipswich
19th & 20th September 2008
Falcon Hotel, Stratford

1st & 2nd October 2010 
Marriott Hotel, York

100th Entry reunion in Stratford Sept 2008
100th Entry reunion in Ipswich Oct 2006
Mini-reunion circa 1980 - Coach House Locking village. From left to right - Keith Davies, Roy Heslop, (Mick Herbert hidden), Baz Hayman, Bill Ranson, Dave Morris, Tony Dennett and Bruce Thorpe.
2009 - Pete Wallace, John Rogerson, Baz Hayman, Alic Prior and Jack Hawkins at the BBMF
2007 - Pete Wallace, Ken Weston and Baz Hayman in the pub
Cyprus mini reunion 19th July 2008 - Dai  Rees, Ron Regan, Pete Wallace, Bob Pearce and Howard Walker
2007 - Pete Wallace and Dai Rees meet up in Cyprus
2010 Devon - Ian Quarrie, Bruce Thorpe, Tony Gibson and Chuck Shenton

31st August to 2nd September 2012 
Webbington Hotel, Loxton, Somerset

100th Entry reunion in York 2010
100th Entry reunion in Somerset 2012
12th to 14th September 2014 
Webbington Hotel, Loxton, Somerset

10th to 12th September 2016 
Webbington Hotel, Loxton, Somerset

100th Entry reunion in Somerset 2016
100th Entry Reunion 2014
7th and 8th September 2018
Ipswich, Suffolk