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In total, we have now accounted for
145 Members of the Entry. That's  88% of the original starters. If YOU know of any 100th Entry
Members who are not aware of the web site, please contact Admin. So far, 95 Members have their details on the web site, several more have promised inputs. However there are still many who know about the site but have not submitted their details (although some of these do not have internet access). If you are not 'visible', others will not be able to find and contact you, so if you have not yet contacted Admin, then please send an email.

24th September 2014  (Update #01/2017)
New 2018 Reunion page added.

24th October 2016
Update #01/2016)
The 2016 Reunion page is now complete. There are fewer photos than previous years and not all attendees are pictured; therefore it is best to view the images in the 100th Entry Photo Gallery where name tags have been added. If any of these tags are wrong or missing please contact Admin.

5th October 2014
Update #03/2014)
The 2014 Reunion page is now complete.

20th September 2014
Update #02/2014)
John Bushby has provided his details for the web site.

11th March 2014
Update #01/2014)
Colin Funnell-Bailey has provided his details for the web site.

6th August 2013  (Update #02/2013)
Welcome to Gary Bevan, his details are now on the web site. Since the last update, the migration of the photo gallery from Photobucket to the new 100th Entry Photo Gallery has been completed.

4th March 2013
Update #01/2013)
100th Entry Reunion 2014 details announced. New page created and a forum topic started topic started. An email and document outling the details has been sent to all 100th Entry members with a valid email address (excluding those who do not want to be contacted). If you have not received the email, then please contact Admin.

7th October 2012
Update #02/2012)
The 2012 Reunion page is now complete.

26th January 2012  (Update #01/2012)
Welcome to Edward (Butch) Tyzack, his details are now on the web site.

9th June 2011
Update #04/2011)
The 2010 Reunion page is now complete. Welcome to David (Jack) Hawkins, his details are now on the web site. Various other minor updates.

29th May 2011
Update #03/2011)
Many photos from the 2010 reunion in the 2010 Reunion page.  If you have any more photos or videos please send them in ASAP. Thanks to everyone who has sent in pics so far. The 100th Entry at Halton have challenged the 100th Entry at Locking. You can read the details on the Forum. If anyone is interested in organising a team, let me know and I will put them in touch with 100th Halton.

3rd March 2011  (Update #02/2011)
100th Entry 50th Anniversary Reunion details published here.

13th February 2011
Update #01/2011)
Welcome to David (Ossy) Orrell, his details are now on the web site.

26th November 2010
Update #04/2010)
Sadly, Dai Rees lost his battle with cancer on 26th November 2010.  He was 65. There is a topic on the Forum.

25th September 2010  (Update #03/2010)
Welcome to Paddy Loder, his details are now on the web site.

29th May 2010
Update #02/2010)
Welcome to Mike Blackburn, his details are now on the web site.

29th April 2010
Update #01/2010)
Welcome to Brian Pundsack , his details are now on the web site.

December 2009
A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all 100th Entry members. You can read/post seasonal messages on the 100th Forum.

8th August 2009
Update #04/2009)
Sadly, Howard Monty Montague died of a heart attack at his home near Johannesburg on 27 July 2009. 
He was 65. There is a topic on the forum.

31st July 2009
Update #03/2009)
Welcome to Bob Dobbs , his details are now on the web site.

29th July 2009
Update #02/2009)
Welcome to Ray Smith , his details are now on the web site.

27th January 2009
Update #01/2009)
Welcome to Mick Palfrey, his details are now on the web site.

1st December 2008
Update #12/2008)
Welcome to Mark Davy, his details are now on the web site.  John Holtham's "now" photo has been included; if anyone else whose "now" photo is still missing would like one creating, please contact Admin. The Members page has a new column which links to the Photo Gallery and generates a pop-up window to display all the photos in the Gallery associated with that member (just click on the camera icon). Two bods are not on any photos (Orrell and Varty), so their link is disabled.

31st October 2008
  Sad news about Ian Atkinson. There is a topic on the forum.

8th October 2008
Update #11/2008)
Welcome to Tony Dennett, his details are now on the web site. Tony has also submitted a number of photos which can can be viewed in Billets , Exercise , Learning and Social . The Reunion pages have been updated and the Reunion 2008 page has now been populated with around 24 photos. A token page for Reunion 2010 York has been included; currently this links to the associated topic on the Forum.

No month/day or venue has been set yet so please visit the forum and post your preferences. Two more "now" photos, taken from the reunion images, have been included for Gerry Overton and Derek Kraft ; if anyone else whose "now" photo is still missing would like one creating, please contact Admin.

7th September 2008
Update #10/2008)
Welcome to Bruce Thorpe , his details are now on the web site. Several of the photos mentioned in the last update are now on the main web site in Billets , Exercise and Social . Also one new photo in Graduation

5th July 2008
Update #09/2008)
The main web site address has changed and is now . Modern browsers will also recognise this address without the "http://"   prefix. Welcome to Byron (Paddy) Manning , his details are now on the web site. Byron has also sent in some new photos of the Locking days. They are not on the main web site yet but you can see them in the Photo Gallery Pending section . If you can identify any of the "unknown" faces, please contact Admin. Most images in the Photo Gallery have now been tagged.

22nd June 2008
Update #08/2008)
Welcome to Pete Owen, his details are now on the web site. Since the last update, we have been informed that Mick (Pat) Pattenden is no longer with us and we have made contact with Byron (Paddy) Manning.

14th June 2008
Update #07/2008)
Welcome to Geoff (Spike) Kent, his details are now on the web site.

31st May 2008
Update #06/2008)
Welcome to Tony Jennings, his details are now on the web site.

24th May 2008
Update #05/2008)
Welcome to Gerry Overton, his details are now on the web site. Also, since the last update: John (Oggie) Hearl found. Minor update to Social page. The Guest Book, Site Search  and Events pages now open in a standard 100th Entry web site page, rather than in a new window or tab; this should make browsing the web site easier (if it doesn't, then let me know). A new Photos & Images page is now displayed when the "PHOTOS" button on the main nav panel on any 100th web page is clicked; there is no longer a sub menu associated with this button but the new page provides much more detailed links to all the main areas of the web site which host images. In addition, the new page has a random image function which displays pictures accessed randomly from the web site photos database; each random image has links, where applicable, to relevant areas of the Web Site, Gallery and Forum. Users can also input their own numbers to override the random number generator.

16th April 2008  (
Update #04/2008)
Welcome to Dave Morris , his details are now on the web site. Also, since the last update: Vic Silvester, John Reynolds and Mick Palfrey found. Reunion page revised to allow for the 2008 reunion.

4th April 2008
Update #03/2008)
Welcome to Barrie Hayman, his details are now on the web site. Also, since the last update: Mike Trotman's "NOW" photo added, Frank Stevens' biog updated, "Where We Are" map updated to include all locations (not just registered members), Bob Owens found  and Vince Thomas found.

7th March 2008
Update #02/2008)
Welcome to Bob Pearce, his details are now on the web site.

Welcome to Mike Webb, his details are now on the web site (no "NOW" photo at the moment).

3rd March 2008
Update #01/2008)
Welcome to Mike Trotman, his details are now on the web site (no "NOW" photo at the moment).

Welcome to Peter MacNaught. His preliminary input is now on the web site (photos and biog to follow when Peter gets organised in S.A)

Welcome to Roy Heslop. A partial input is now on the web site (photos and biog not available at the moment).

Oggie Gilbert ' "NOW" photo added on Oggie's member's biog and the main Members' List.

Graham Stapleton added to the Members List, 1962 Group Photo (AP135) and Class 100AB2.

Mick Trim identified on the 1964 Group photo  (BP136), photo in Members' List.

Glossary updated (buttons: GENERAL > Glossary).

New Web Site Index added (buttons: GENERAL > Index).. This lists all the web site, photo gallery & forum  topics in one place, with links to the associated pages. The table can be sorted by location or alphabetically by topic.

New Experimental 3D page (buttons: GENERAL > 3D Views). added. If you are interested in using this page, please read the instructions carefully. Not recommended for dial-up users.

Minor cosmetic changes, including the GENERAL button's sub-menu

Don't forget, if you are interested in this year's reunion, Bob Machin is keeping the
forum up to date with progress on the preparations.

3rd January 2008
Snowy (now Chalky) White's 'NOW' photo added. Minor changes to SOCIAL page and GLOSSARY. The new MAPS page has been updated (Weston & Locking areas) and map Tools included to allow members to define accurate locations.

19th December 2007
A new page has been added to the web site called "Out and About". This features interactive maps showing locations of interest to 100th Entry apprentices in 1962-64. In addition, the 4th button down on the web site left menu (was "Introduction") has been changed to "General" and now has a sub menu when clicked ("Introduction" / "Glossary" / "Maps").

To access the new "Out and About" page, click "General" / "Maps" on any web page.

PLEASE NOTE: some very large images are used in this feature, so anyone who is not on broadband will have serious problems. The first time you select the "RAF Locking" map, there will be a delay while the map overlay loads.

So far, the Weston map is more or less complete and the RAF Locking map is quite well advanced, but not much has been done with the remainder. If you have any suggestions for places of interest to put on the maps, please let me know. There is a topic on the forum describing the development of this feature and explaining how you can pinpoint features.

15th December 2007
Welcome to STANLEY (SNOWY) WHITE, his details are now on the web site.

21st November 2007
A Glossary of Terms has been added to the 100th web site. This can be accessed by clicking on ADMIN > Glossary. Any inputs or comments would be appreciated using the Glossary feedback form or the web site contact form; there is also a topic on the forum under 'Updates > Glossary of Terms for the 100th site'. The Not Found ('Unaccounted') page has been updated to show the current status of members.

13th November 2007
Welcome to TOM McGHIE, his details are now on the web site. Bill Ranson's contact info changed and his "NOW" photo added.

6th November 2007
The first national memorial dedicated to the men and women of the United Kingdom Armed Forces (Regular and Reserve), killed on duty or as a result of terrorist action since the Second World War, was dedicated in the presence of HM The Queen on 12 October 2007.

The names of four 100th Entry guys will be displayed on the Rolls of Honour at the Church of St Clement Danes in London. The web site members pages have been updated to include links to the Roll of Honour entries for....





There is also a topic on this subject on the 100th forum with a link to the The Armed Forces Memorial web site.

25th October 2007
Welcome to DAVE ALLINGHAM, his details are now on the web site.

15th October 2007
Welcome to DEREK KRAFT and VICTOR BASS-TWITCHELL, their details are now on the web site. BILLETS  page updated to include two new photos near the bottom of the page. MEMBERS and UNACCOUNTED pages updated to reflect current member status (latest 'find' is BUTCH TYZACK). Minor cosmetic changes on various pages.

21st September 2007
Welcome to MICK GLOVER, his details are now on the web site. Roger Logan's contact info changed.

6th September 2007
KIPPER CAIN's 'NOW' photo added and his Biog updated.

The web site Home page now displays the name of any registered member whose birthday occurs on that day. Clicking on their name will take you to their biog and Contact link.

BILLETS page updated to include two new photos (John Sefton and Chuck Shenton in their pits).

SOCIAL page updated to include one new photo (Snowy White, John Sefton and Ken Weston in WSM, circa early '62).

LEARNING page updated to include a new bit on "air experience", including a photo of John Sefton and the back of Alan Terzza's head. There is also a forum topic on this subject.

Several new photos in the Photo Gallery "Members and Families Now" section. All the other photos mentioned above are also in the Gallery in their respective subject sections.

29th August 2007
Welcome to JOHN WEBBER, his details are now on the web site. CHARLIE BROWNE's contact info changed.

24th August 2007
Welcome to JOHN SEFTON, his details are now on the web site.

18th August 2007
Welcome to JOE LINEHAN  - his details are now on the web site. JOHN LOCKYER and HOWARD WALKER  'NOW' photos added
(please note anyone else who still has "TBD" photos on the web site). There are now over 115 random images in the Home page Star Photo" spot. Pete Wallace's contact details have changed (everyone please remember to let me know if your email address changes). MEMBERS table updated to show mouseover 'NOW' photos of registered members. CONTACT page updated.

7th August 2007
Welcome to RON REGAN  - his details are now on the web site.

25th July 2007
Welcome to PETE TRENCHARD  - his details are now on the web site.  Mike Blackburn's notes have been updated. The Introduction page has a test CONTEXT MENU - right click on the mouse to try it (left click anywhere outside the menu to close it); any comments to Admin please.

20th July 2007
Welcome to JOHN LOCKYER  - his details are now on the web site. 

6th July 2007
Welcome to JIM WHITE  - his details are now on the web site.  Two new photos added to SOCIAL.

1st July 2007
Welcome to CHARLIE BROWNE  - his details are now on the web site.  Frank Stevens' Bio updated.

29th June 2007
Welcome to CHRIS WALLER  - his details are now on the web site. Small image added to LEARNING. The gap at the top of each page, which used to accommodate the ads, has been removed.

27th June 2007
The Random Member image now shows the Member's name as a caption underneath the photo. The name is still displayed when you hover the mouse cursor over the image and both the image and the caption link to the Member's Biog page (mouse click). Two new photos added to the SOCIAL page.

7th June 2007
Welcome to DAVE HOLLINGDALE and CHUCK SHENTON , their details are now on the web site. Two new photos added to the PhotoBucket gallery (Socialising & Time Off)  these will be included on the web site SOCIAL page at the next update.

6th June 2007
Welcome to MIKE BRYANT - his details are now on the web site. GEOFF ELLIS' "now" photo has been added (ANYONE ELSE WITH "TBD" PHOTOS, PLEASE NOTE). Records updated for JOHN LOCKYER, CHUCK SHENTON and ANDY INGLIS. Various anomalies sorted in the MEMBERS page and the GROUP PHOTO pages.

3rd June 2007
As a result of the recent search exercise, many pages have been updated. The main ones are the MEMBERS page, most MEMBERS INPUTS pages and all the GROUP PHOTO pages.

31st May 2007
Welcome to GEOFF ELLIS, JOHN HOLTHAM and DOUG GRAHAM. Also some minor changes to BILLETS and SOCIAL. Cosmetic changes to all email/contact links on the Members' pages, plus the HTML source code has been 'scrambled' so that email addresses cannot be detected automatically (anti SPAM).

26th May 2007
Since starting the search for missing members at the beginning of April, the 100th Entry web site traffic has increased significantly as people have been found. However, many of these new members have not contacted web site admin. If you do not want to be featured on the web site then fine, but just let us know so that we do not contact you again. A list of confirmed members may be used in the future to notify members of reunions and other important information, so if you have not already done so, PLEASE CONTACT ADMIN  now and confirm your email address or state that you do not want to be involved.

13th May 2007
Welcome to ERIC PYRAH, our 50th Member to register on the web site .

11th May 2007
Welcome to KEITH DAVIES .

10th May 2007

24th April 2007
Welcome to OGGIE GILBERT. One photo added to SOCIAL.

18th April 2007
Welcome to BILL CURTIS. New photos in BILLET, SOCIAL, GRADUATION and LEARNING, plus PhotoBucket Gallery. Lester "Pug" Wratten included in Members List.

17th April 2007
Welcome to KEN BURNETT. Several "new" members have been located as part of an ongoing search exercise which I am conducting with one of our other members; hopefully other newly-contacted members will join Ken and register on the 100th web site.

3rd April 2007
Welcome to ALAN TERZZA. Also the Trade pop-ups can now be viewed from the TRADES page and any of the Member Biog pages (Just click on the Member's trade).

28th March 2007
GROUND WIRELESS pop-up on the LEARNING page now pretty much complete, but no names for GROUND WIRELESS G (Wireless Intercommand) Class 100WI1 and 2. We know who was in these classes, but not how they were split between the two. Does anyone have any clues?

19th March 2007
Site Tour added (full details in HELP). Photo of Nick Ponting added to MEMBERS. Ground Radar Trade Description expanded in LEARNING.

15th March 2007
BILLETS page updated (new photos added).

14th March 2007
LEARNING and EXERCISE pages updated. Help is need for the LEARNING page; see the FORUM for details.

12th March 2007
HELP button added. BILLETS page updated. Links added to GROUP PHOTO page.

11th March 2007
Michael Lyon details added. See drop-down menu abve for all registered members.

7th March 2007
EXERCISE page updated.

6th March 2007
Button sub-menus rearranged to make them compatible with the OPERA browser.

5th March 2007
New web site format. 

Home page uncluttered, all pages made standard and similar in appearance (background colour, header/logo etc), plus a complete review of the navigation buttons and the use of sub-menus (see Site Map). Past comments have suggested that some pages were too wide, necessitating constant horizontal scrolling, so most pages (but not the Group Photos) have been narrowed which may have involved some re-arranging.

The whole structure of the site has been 'modernised' by getting rid of the "Frames" format. This has one noticeable difference from the 'old' web site. The Nav panel is still always on the left of every page, but it remains at the top of the page (ie it scrolls vertically with the page); this is normal practice with the majority of modern web sites. However, I have included the provision to quickly return to the nav buttons if you are a long way down the page (not all pages are long) by clicking anywhere on the left of the page in the area where the buttons would normally appear. Try it on this page.

Some of the nav buttons display a sub-menu when clicked (see the Site Map, accessed via the ADMIN button,  for an overview). This enables us to unclutter the pages and give the site a 'cleaner' look. The sub-menus disappear almost immediately once the mouse cursor is moved away; they also scroll with the page (use the mouse thumbwheel or keypad arrow keys as you will need to keep the mouse cursor over the menu to keep it open).

The site works OK with Internet Explorer 7, FireFox 2 and Netscape 8,
but there are problems with Opera 9 which I haven't been able to fathom out yet.
11th February 2007
The 1962 (Outside) Group Photo has had information added. I have started to identify a few names and link them to Members' Info, but there are lots more to do and I need your help. The control panel at the top left of each photo allows you to navigate between the different sections (click on one of the five coloured navigation bars), call up the whole group photo (magnifier symbol) , view the all names/ref numbers/thumbnail pics in a sortable pop-up document (red book symbol), see the current photo as a zoomable pop-up (click on the large coloured rectangle above the navigation bars), view the names on each photo as an overlay (can be switched on/off) and highlight/click on any face for more info and/or to sumbit inputs. As with the 1964 photo, navigating should appear almost seamless with a a fast broadband connection, although it may be a bit of a pain on dial-up. Test it here and let me have your comments/inputs......GROUP PHOTO. If you don't want to open this inside the main frame, just right click on the link and select 'open in a new window/tab'. You can also access the group photos from the Home page button to the right of the Forum button (when clicked, you will be given the option to select 1962 or 1964), from the MEMBERS page and from the GROUP PHOTOS page (click on "View 1962/64 photo with names").

7th February 2007
Updated MEMBERS and TRADES pages. Each is now a sortable table which is not adversly affected by the browser text size adjustments.

MEMBERS now has 6 columns (name, trade and number, as before plus 'mug shots' with links to the Group photos, personal info and email inputs.

See the Forum for more info.

22nd January 2007
The 1964 (Inside) Group Photo has had information added. We have started to identify names and link them to Members' Info. The control panel at the top left allows you to navigate between the different sections, call up the whole group photo, view the names in each section in a pop-up document, view the names on each photo as an overlay (can be switched on/off) and highlight/click on any face for more info and/or to sumbit inputs. With a fast broadband connection, navigating should appear almost seamless, although it may be a bit of a pain on dial-up. Test it here and let me have your comments/inputs......GROUP PHOTO. If you don't want to open this inside the main frame, just right click on the link and select open in a new window/tab.

7th January 2007
Forum link on the Home page changed back to original.

4th January 2007
Forum link on the Home page changed to allow Forum content headers to be viewed. Clicking on the main link image opens the Forum start page in a NEW window/tab; clicking on a fly-out menu item opens that Forum subject in the SAME window.

27th December 2006
Forum logo is now a cleaned up version of Paul Foch-Gatrell's car badge. It looks OK at its current size but, when enlarged, it doesn't look so good so I won't be able to use it on the web site home page. However, I have stuck it on the web site INTRO page together with a small version of the 'flip album' I originally put on ServicePals.

22nd December 2006
Latest Member profile - GRAHAM (BERNIE) TROTMAN.

19th December 2006
Latest Member profiles - ALAN REED, PAUL LUCAS, DAVID BOWMAN.

17th December 2006
BILLETS and GRADUATION pages updated.

13th December 2006
More format changes to Home page, providing links to Forum topics. Also new Suggestion Box to try and encourage feedback from Members; plus a list of Members not yet accounted for.

10th December 2006
Format changes to Home page. MoD Oracle News Ticker for RAF items added.

5th & 7th December 2006
More Member Profiles added.

30th November 2006
Christmas tree and link
Day count since Graduation
Some changes to Service No etc
Individual time/date against each location on World Map.

27th November 2006
WORLD MAP link added to Main page Members' Inputs area.

23rd November 2006
SITE MAP added.

18th November 2006
EVENTS Calendar added. LINKS updated.

15th November 2006
Various minor changes., including update to EXERCISE 'Hunters Inn' photo and adding a HELP/FAQ question mark logo to most pages. There is also a new FAQ page.

6th November 2006
Various minor updates over the past few days, including

25th October 2006
There are now 94 reunion pictures in Photobucket, linked from REUNION.

22nd October 2006
Updated REUNION and Photobucket. Added text to the Photo Album link to show current total of images in the Gallery.

17th October 2006
Added more photos to SOCIAL and named more people in BILLETS.

14th October 2006
Added more names to the REUNION photos. Changed the format of the CHRONICLE page and added Dai Rees' memories of the 100th at Locking.

13th October 2006
Changed the Main page title picture and added random Members' photos & links. YOU MUST HAVE PHOTOS & INFO IN YOUR MEMBERS PAGE TO BE INCLUDED.


12th October 2006
Updated the REUNION page and added more photos to BILLETS and SOCIAL.

9th October 2006
New REUNION page with refs to Photo Album and Forum

7th October 2006
Major problem with the server. Moved files to another server, but have to accept ads!

26th September 2006
Several pages updated,as follows:
        - CHRONICLE (was History)
        - BULL (now Billets)
        - LEARNING
        - EXERCISE
        - SOCIAL        
        - GRADUATION
        - NOSTALGIA (was Memories)

Plus other tweaks and tidying up. Please remember, I can't populate the site on my own. I need
YOUR input. So please send in any photos,stories, memories, etc. AND DON'T FORGET YOUR PERSONAL PROFILE INPUT IF IT HASN'T ALREADY BEEN SUBMITTED.

15th September 2006
Added a second group photo accessible from the Members' page.

14th September 2006
Added scrolling text to the Members' Personal Information pages. This enables longer biogs to be entered. Earlier inputs can be changed if required - just submit them to TL.

10th September 2006
PhotoBucket "Widget" added to main page.

8th September 2006
FAQ facility added.

6th September 2006
Higher resolution photos added to the Group Photo page to allow better zooming. JAVA applet ditched as zooming did not seem to be much good on a low res image. Various tweaks. 13th Member Profile added (out of 56 requests for inputs).

28th August 2006
Testing a JAVA applet which allows a panoramic view of the 100th Entry Group photo to be view interactively (Pan, Zoom). This uses a LOW RESOLUTION image for now, so ZOOMING doesn't reveal much detail. As I said it is for TEST PURPOSES ONLY. Select "Members" and click on the photo at the top of the page.

27th August 2006
Members' personal info is starting to trickle in. Please let's have everyone's info ASAP. I added an intro page yesterday to try and summarise how we got to setting up a this web site.

21st August 2006
I have registered the domain name "". This is OURS wherever we host our files, I just need to re-direct it as appropriate, so in the future we can change hosts without having to change our URL.

Secondly, I have copied all our web files to my own ISP's server where I have about 120MB free. There are no bandwidth restrictions here as far as I know and you can use any file type or size. PROBLEM IS I AM LOOKING AT THE LATEST "FREE BROADBAND" OFFERS AND SO COULD MOVE FROM THIS ISP IN THE NEAR FUTURE. So this is just a trial for now, just use (or even just "" ). The new site search facility is good. We have our own robot which visits the site every day and spiders all the pages to keep the search database current. You can even search for phrases like dai rees or tony lindon.

I have found an alternative free photo storage site here (these are just some test photos to explore the features. There is a main page and, so far, 3 sub albums). This site gives you 1GB of space for photos and videos, max size 512KB each (enough for 10,000 photos) however there is a monthly bandwidth limit of 10GB (approx 5000 hi-res photo views); Bravenet has a limit of 50 photos. I have linked to it from The Photobucket & Forum links at are only text at the moment, but I can insert small graphics if we are happy with them. The Forum is awesome and I haven't figured it all out yet!

I know some of you are busy at work, etc, but if you have ANY comments they would be appreciated. Thanks to DAI for his inputs and suggestions. Maybe each of you could provide your input for the members info boxes (see the examples on the site).

I don't intend changing the format much more as I think, if/when we start populating the site, changes will become apparent. Once this group is OK with the site format, I would like to expand the test audience to include those on Pete Wallace's mass email list. Is that OK Pete?

Hope you are all still awake,


This site was originally set up using free hosting with Bravenet. I chose them because they are well known and respected. However, the free service does have some limitations.

1. We are limited to 50MB of data storage. This shouldn't be a problem if we keep file sizes to a minimum. The site as it stands at the moment has only used up about 0.5MB. I think the Forum, Guest book Chat Room and Photo Album are separate from this.

2. There is a bandwidth limit of 50MB/day and 1.5GB/month. This COULD be a problem if a lot of people access the site regularly (fat chance!). However, keeping file sizes small and splitting the info across several pages should help. Also, any of my own pics that I put up will have a link to my web site where the hi-res versions are stored.

3. There is a limit on the Guest Book of 2000 entries. See note 5 about managing messages.

4. The Photo Album has a limit of 50 pictures which can be split up in 10 categories. There doesn't seem to be a limit on the SIZE of the photos, so we should put the big ones here.

5. The Forum is limited to 250 messages. I have the facility to delete messages (I have tried this by getting rid of the Bravenet Welcome message and the number of "used" messaged reduced by 1, so the forum CAN be managed by archiving older messages and deleting them - so not really a problem).

6. Obviously we are going to see a lot of ads! Can be annoying, particularly the ones you have to close yourself before you can view the page!

All in all, It's not too bad for a free service. There are other free hosting sites that have better storage and bandwidth allowances. However, they are not so well known or reliable. I have heard tales of many that are slow and crash regularly and some that just stop the service without warning.

All the files that I have used on the site are backed up on my PC. I do my own web page creation using, mainly, Sitespinner and a bit of HTML and JavaScript programming. So NO files are created using on-line software or templates and if we move to another site, everything is independent and portable (although the Guest Book and Forum are separate items).

Let me have any feedback, good or bad, before we start populating the site with 'real' data.

19th August 2006