In January 2006, I was doing some research on the net when I came across one of the
ex-Service sites and noticed that there was a group there called "Members Serving with
100th Entry No.1 School of Radio RAF Locking". I saw names like Dai Rees, Monty Montague
and Pete Wallace so I joined and got in touch. More have joined since (Roger Logan, Tom Gerken, Paddy Allen) but the group is still only a small fraction of the original entry. There are several other ex-service sites (see LINKS) which reveal a few more names and Pete Wallace decided to try and organise a reunion. After a lot of hard work he has now succeeded. Having seen web sites for other Locking Entries, I decided to see if we could get enough support to set one up for the 100th. And here we are.

One or two people have referred to it as "my" site, which it is not. I have merely set up the framework to enable all 100th Entry Locking Apprentices to contribute to OUR web site. The site will only be as good as the data we put on it and that has to come from all of us. So if you have anything to contribute please let me have it for inclusion. We're looking for photos, documents, anecdotes, ANYTHING!

There is a very good free Forum which I hope everyone will join and 1GB of space for photos in the free Gallery. All the facilities I have set up are 'freebies', including the domain name, so there are one or two restrictions (for example the monthly bandwidth limit for the photo gallery is 10GB) but most people won't notice.

Welcome to everyone,

August 2006