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View the Tour to see what the Site should look like
The Site Tour video is about 5 minutes long and has no sound track; however the Media Player has controls to skip forward or backwards. The purpose of the video is to show the main functions, pages and links of the 100th Entry Web Site as it should look and operate with Javascript, Flash and Acrobat Reader functional. It was recorded in Internet Explorer 7 with a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels.

Site Navigation
Every page has the same navigation buttons on the left; you do NOT need to keep going back to the HOME page. If you 'lose' the buttons when scrolling down a page, just click on an empty space in the left inch of the page to return to the top. Some of the buttons display a sub menu when clicked, revealing further selections. These sub menus will obscure some of the buttons; this is normal and the menu only displays as long as the mouse cursor remains over it. Look in SITE MAP for a full summary.

Here is a brief summary of the button functions....

takes you to the site's main introduction and notice board.

opens a sub menu which lets you go to the Members' page with a sortable table of ALL Members (whether they completed the course or not), Members' personal inputs, Group Photos, Members no longer with us,  Members not yet found,  a world map showing Members' locations,  the REUNION page and the main CONTACT page.

opens a sub menu which lets you CONTACT ADMIN (
including facilities to register your details on the web site), view Frequently Asked Questions (and ask questions), view/sign the GUEST BOOK,  search the site, look at the Site Map, view the EVENTS calendar,  submit suggestions,  go to the NOTICE BOARD and view the LINKS TO OTHER SITES page.

explains how the site was started and it's aims.

is a summary of the 100th Entry Apprenticeship with Members' personal stories.

covers the 100th Entry Trade Groups and includes a sortable table of all Members' trades.

looks at the 100th Apprentices doing Bull, in the Billets and Mucking About (includes photos).

looks at the core of the Apprenticeship - technical and academic studies   in the classrooms and laboritories (includes photos).

looks at the physical side of the Apprenticeship, including Exercises, Camping, Marches, Drill & Sport (includes photos).

looks at Socialising, Leave, Relaxing and Time Off (includes photos).

looks at the end of the Apprenticeship, including Qualification, Graduation, Passing Out Parade, Celebrations and Postings (includes photos).

opens a sub menu which lets you look at highlights from 1962, 1963 and 1964, read LOCKING REVIEW magazines and see photos of RAF Locking then and now. Also takes you to the Forum for Members' memories.

opens a sub menu which lets you go to the 100th Entry Forum main page, or to other topics of interest.

opens a sub menu which lets you go to the 100th Entry PHOTO GALLERY (hundreds of pictures), the Group Photos and the REUNION page.

If you have a specific question, look in FAQ.

If all else fails, CONTACT ADMIN.