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100th Entry RAF apprentices camp site
Camping and Cross
Country Expedition                
Exmoor, Quantocks, Cheddar

Two of the major requirements of any armed force are physical fitness and discipline, and to that end we were subjected to some of the most devious tortures ever devised during our stay at Locking.   

Circuit training in the gymnasium was intended to increase muscle tone and endurance, but more often than not resulted in visits to the MO for sprains and bruises.  However, progress was in a lot of cases quite remarkable and most benefited from the exertions.

One of the unexpected benefits of the regular Drill sessions was the realisation that we all had more than one left foot and only the occasional right foot, as ably demonstrated by our beloved Drill Instructors who would continually bellow "Left, left, left ,right, left". Learning to march was difficult enough, but when the powers to be thought it appropriate to allow us to practise with Rifles a whole new ball game occurred. Then for some unfathomable reason they had the notion to issue us with bayonets, needless to say visits to the MO then included cuts and also a requirement to order new battledress tops.

One day the hierarchy may realise that sending a large group of testosterone charged teenagers on exercise to Exmoor or the Quantocks may not necessarily result in the desired outcome.  Armed with a map and directions to achieve specific reporting points within set times more often than not resulted in said group utilising their initiative and discovering ways to achieve the objective and still visit the local hostelries.

Sport plays a large part in character development and everyone was encouraged to participate, especially in team sports.  Football, Rugby and Cricket matches were keenly contested among the Entry and even more so against other entries, some of the Entry members were that good that they played at representative level. However, one of the sports in which most excelled was Egyptian PT!

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100th Entry RAF apprentices camp site
Tom Gerken, Monty Montague, Royd Harris, Mike Chard, Tony Lindon
And some  excelled in sport.....
Churchill, Tom McGhie, Pete Wallace, Ray Madden, Tom Gerken, Bob Wise, Nick Ponting, Al Laverty, Brian Cockayne, Joe Linehan, Monty Montague, Vic Silvester, Mike Chard, Jim White, Royd Harris, Ron Regan, Roger Leah, Gordon Pony MacPherson
Tom Gerken, Monty Montague, Royd Harris, Tony Lindon
Hunters Inn, Ken Weston, Keith Norton, Bill Ranson, Eric Pyrah, John Randel, Alan Chubby Smith, Geoff Walton, John Hairy Ellins, Alan Reynolds, Dave Ben Bowman
WO Percy Parks, Roy Heslop, Peter Larter, Greg Codling, PO Potty Thomas, Keith Norton
Posing with a trophy
                and.........just posing?

Dai Rees
Duke of Edinburgh's Award Record Book
Duke of Edinburgh's Award Gold Winners Paddy Manning, Bob Tonkin, Keith Norton, Tom McGhie, Oggie Hearl, Kipper Cain, Dick Thompson
D of E Award Expedition inc Colin Funnell-Bailey, Greg Codling, Paddy Manning, Eric Pyrah
Butch Tyzack climbing the Churchill Slab - CLICK FOR DETAILS
Cricketers  - Mick Povey, Pete Larter and ???
Golf pro  - Johnny Jardine
Golfers - John Jardine, ?????, Pete Larter
Golfers - Pete Larter, Paddy Manning, John Jardine
Peter Larter
Sports Day 1963
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