Much of an Apprentice's time, in the early months, was spent in the billet. This was due to the inordinate amount of "bull" that was required, not only on his personal and Service items, but also on the billet itself and its surrounds. The lads became familiar with  alien objects such as 'bumpers' and orange polish for the floors, Blanco, metal polish and irons ( & brown paper) for uniforms, washing powder etc. And they soon discovered the magic cleaning properties of spit. Some started their time in a wooden hut but, in time, all were billeted in a purpose-built block like the one below. Entries had their own blocks and senior entries used to stage raids on the junior entry blocks, destroying all the hard work that had gone into 'bull nights'.
Standard attire for an evening in the billet was service-issue pyjamas, service-issue underpants (known as shreddies) or a towel wrapped round the waist. For a change, you could "mix & match" various items of uniform with the afore mentioned clothing.
Young Apprentices eagerly awaiting their turn on the bumper.

Billet ready for inspection
Victor Bass- Twitchell, Butch Tyzack, Mick Trotman, Paddy Allen, Bob Wise, Royd Harris, Tony Lindon, Bill King, Tom Gerken, Mike Chard
Apart from bulling, there was major emphasis on personal hygeine and house keeping. The first thing
you had to do was learn
how to make a bed pack
out of your sheets and blankets, organise your lockers and bed space to a predefined layout and present the whole lot for inspection EVERY DAY.
Bed Pack
Bull, Billets &
Mucking About

Bull Nights in the billet 

Ray Coles and Bill Ranson
Paddy Allen, Colin Hogg, Mike Chard, Paul Lucas, Mick Trotman, Tony Lindon, Royd Harris, Woody Woodward, Tom Gerken, Dave Jones, Dave Hollingdale, Bob Wise, Bill King, Victor Bass- Twitchell
Brian Kinge, Mick Webb, Gordon (Pony) MacPherson, Dave Atwell, Al Laverty, Geordie Atkinson, Keir Hudson, Pete Wallace, Jim White, Monty Montague
Dai Rees and Dave (Dunky) Dunthorn
The intense hard labour often affected the sanity of apprentices, sometimes resulting in delusions of grandeur!
Jim White and Dai Rees
Dai Rees
coffin, Eric Pyrah, Bob Tonkin, Colin Funnell-Bailey
Alan Terzza and Dai Rees
Dai Rees and Pete Wallace
Dai Rees and Jim White
Gordon (Pony) MacPherson, Brian Cockayne, Vic Silvester
Chuck Shenton, Bruce Thorpe, Rocky Grant, Pete Dobing
Bob Tonkin, Dick Thompson, Vic Silvester, Jeff Fowler, Al Reed, Alan Chubby Smith, Colin Stumpy Tilling, Byron Paddy Manning
Rocky Grant and Bruce Thorpe
George (Jock) Wilson
Ken Burnett, Dave Bowman, Andy Anderson, Wilson, Alan Terzza, Brian Pundsack, Pete Trenchard, Alic Prior, Geoff Walton, Norman Butcher
Now, which hat shall I wear........
Mick Povey, Mick Woody Woodward, Royd Harris Jim White, Ron Regan, Ian Quarrie, Mick Glover
Bike shed, Dave Shepley, Snowy White, Bob Machin, Norman Butcher
Norman Butcher, Mick Palfrey
Paul Foch-Gatrell and Ron Regan
Freedom of Weston Super Mare
 Parade 1963

Mick Povey, Royd Harris, Ron Regan, Ian Quarrie, Mick Glover
Colin Tilling, Ernie Hosking, Tony Gibson, Colin Funnel - Bailey, Tony Dennett, Acker Gray, Gerry Overton, Greg Codling, Mark Davy, Al Reed, Bob Tonkin, Chubby Smith, Keith Davies
Alan Reynolds and Chris Waller
Laurie Dunlop, Alan Reynolds, Tony Muncaster
Ken Weston, Chris Baldock, Graham (Bernie) Trotman, Andy Anderson, Geoff Walton, Norman Butcher, Brian Pundsack, Lester (Pug) Wratten, Pete Trenchard, Jock Wilson, Dave Allingham, Dave (Ben) Bowman, Alic Prior, Alan Terzza
....and time for some quiet meditation......
Chuck Shenton
John Sefton
Ernie Hosking, Bob Tonkin, Greg Codling, Chris Hubbard, Colin Funnel - Bailey, Jeff Fowler, Colin (Stumpy) Tilling, Eric Pyrah
Mick Woody Woodward, Mick Glover, Ian Quarrie, Joe Linehan, Ron Regan, Laurie Dunlop
Mike Chard, Howard Monty Montague and Woody Woodward
Ken Weston, Vince Thomas, Mick Trotman, John Rogerson, Al Laverty, Ben Bowman?, Bob Dobbs, Keith Davies,  Brian Pundsack, Ernie Hoskins
Chris Hubbard, John Jardine, Johnny Holtham, Alec Prior, Bernie Trotman, Geoff Walton, Baz Hayman
Roy Heslop, Paddy Manning
Colin Funnell-Bailey, Paddy Manning, Pete Larter, Curley Carnall (96th SAA), Chris Ferris
Dave (Dunky) Dunthorn, Butch Tyzack, Dai Rees
Bull night
Outside F Block
Mick Woody Woodward, Mick Glover, Ian Quarrie, Joe Linehan, Ron Regan, Laurie Dunlop
Sunday Morning: Jim White, Brian Cockayne and Monty
John Rogerson, Vic Bass-Twitchell and Dave Jones
John Rogerson and Vic Bass-Twitchell
Pete Dobing, Chuck Shenton, Mike Chard, Bruce
Thorpe, Alic Prior, Royd Harris, Tony Lindon, Bob Wise, Monty Montague